Xynyth Arctic CLEAR™ Window & Mirror De-icer - 500 g Can

Xynyth Arctic CLEAR™ Window & Mirror De-icer - 500 g Can

Item # 1108241-EA

  • A powerful liquid spray de-icer that melts the ice, frost and light snow immediately upon contact. When you need to get going in a hurry Arctic CLEAR[TM] will clear the way.
  • Clears immediately on contact. Streak and residue free. Sold in display cases
  • Powerful effective to -44° F (-42° C). Contains biodegradable ingredients
500 g Can, 12/cs
Manufacturers Item #200-90000

Prevents ice from forming or re-freezing. Safe on car finishes. Leak free can. Clears ice, frost and light snow off windshields, windows, mirrors, locks, headlights, doors and multiple surfaces. Leaves your windows streak and residue free. It removes bugs and road grime leaving your widows clean and clear. Contains Methanol, considered the most effective alcohol for melting ice. It is very powerful and will work to temperatures as low as -44° F (-42° C). The product works faster than your typical windshield antifreeze.


  • Can be sued as an anti-icer to prevent the ice from forming or re-freezing over for hours. This prevention method is simple - just spray the product on your windows after parking.
  • Make driving safer. Use to increase visibility and make driving safer. Most people find it difficult to scrape their entire windshield or windows clear and will drive with less visibility. Use this product to make the job quick, fast, effective and sim
  • Specifically designed to not affect car finishes. It is safe and easy to use.
  • Packaged in a leak free aerosol spray can and can just be tossed into the trunk of your car during the winter season. Trigger sprayers, on the other hand, should always be kept upright to avoid leaking.