LavaGrip Organic Traction-Aid For Ice - 35 lb.

LavaGrip Organic Traction-Aid For Ice - 35 lb.

Item # 1108235-BG

  • An organic traction-aid for ice that is non-corrosive, re-useable, works in any temperature, and 100% pet safe.
  • Superior grip on wet or ice surfaces
  • The shape doesn't have enough surface area for the lava to stick to footwear
  • Does not track into your home or business!
  • LavaGrip's dark color and porous structure absorbs and retains the sun's heat
  • Slowly melts the surrounding ice and snow
  • Works in all temperatures no matter how cold it gets
35 lb., ea
Manufacturers Item #LAVAGRIP

LavaGrip is black pumice (lapillo), a natural lightweight aggregate. Black pumice is a volcanic glass of low density and high surface porosity (60%). It naturally jagged and uneven shape allows it to imbed itself in snow and ice offering instant traction on icy surfaces.


  • End of season disposal is safe and efficient, can be swept into the garden or lawn with no negative effects to the surrounding soil and vegetation.
  • Or if you want, you can sweep up LavaGrip and keep it for next year! It is truly sustainable I every sense.
  • Due to its low density, repeated heavy mechanical traffic will slowly break down LavaGrip and spread the product across a wider area while offering continued traction.